Opening of the first salumificio
(cured pork meat factory)

Uncle Mario and Grandpa Felice

Mario and Felice Beretta and their respective wives Maria and Teresa were responsible for the opening of the first Barzanò Salumificio for the production of fine Italian cured meats. A big step forward in maintaining the quality craftsmanship of the products and the unique taste regarding the Beretta tradition.


Giuseppe e Vittore won
l’Ercole d’oro dell’attività
(Golden Hercules for Enterprise)

The satisfaction

Rome, XX April 1970. On stage, the two brothers Joseph and Victor are awarded the Ercole d’oro (Golden Hercules), an honor for all those companies that have distinguished themselves during the year for their ability to be innovative. An important reward for young people of Beretta who have been able, like their forefathers, to carry on the tradition and to keep up with the times: during the period when large retail chains were successfully distributing
packaged cured meat.


In 1976 Wuber was born, the first production unit in Italy for industrial production of fine sausage.


Conquering the World
North America

Our branches in Italy

In Italy there are 17 production sites, each dedicated to the requirements of producing, marketing of cured meats. In particular, 10 plants are dedicated to producing high-quality products with PDO / PGI and therefore strongly connected with the territory in which were born some of the best known and appreciated Italian sausages.

Our branches in U.S.A.

Beretta controls two American companies, one in California and the other in New Jersey, specializing in the production of the popular "Italian delicatessen" and imports a fine selection of Italian products.

South Hackensack - Carlstad - Fresno Production Plant - Fresno Distribution Center

Our branch in China

Latest undertakings is the joint venture in 2006 with Yurun, a leading manufacturer of Chinese delicatessen, located in Nanjing with more than 100,000 employees.


A Guinness recognized company

A record breaking ham!

With the coming of the new millennium, the growth of the company continues, certifying itself more and more as a leader in the large-scale distribution. In addition to commercials and promotions, increasing the approval of consumers, Beretta Bros. became renowned thanks to a new world record! In 2010, in Vicenza, Beretta Bros enters the Guinness Book of Records with the world's largest ham: 82.85 kg, over 10 times the normal weight of a ham. But Beretta Bros., as you know, like to do things big!


The story continues

Beretta products

Beretta: is the hallmark of excellence dedicated to all lines of sausages that distinguishes products, typical of the Italian delicatessen.
Wuber: is the sausage specialist that produces the highest range of sausage.
 Viva la Mamma and Arturo Vogliazzi: is the brand that specializes in Fresh Ready dishes, which has characterized the latest strategic diversification of Beretta.


The acquisition of the Fresh Group by Fresh Italian dishes, a company jointly held by Beretta Bros. and Fleury Michon. Fres.co in 2010 reached a production volume of 17 thousand tons and a turnover of 90 million euro, with a multi-channel strategy (big supermarket chains, specialized retail, trade, vending), which works under the Arturo Vogliazzi and Fres.co brand.